Thalipith Bhajani 500g



1 x 500 gms X 40 PKts

Energy: 385.82kcal
Carbohydrates : 75.25g
Protein: 13.42g
Fiber: 0
Sodium : 0

Ingredients: Jowar , Rice , black gram , Bajra, chana, poha, corriander seeds, ajwain, makal, soyabeen , wheat , pumin seeds, all ingredienst are in powder form.

Recipe: Take 500g Thalapia Bhajani add 4 onions finely chopped, coriander , salt, red chilli powder to taste make a dough mix all the above ingredients in water , Apply oil to a pan . Take a small piece of the dough and spread it on the pan with hands , deep fry until golden brown from both sides, delicious thalipith is ready to serve , serve with butter or curd or chutney . Thalipith is ideal snack item( Can prepare 10-8 Thalipith from this bhajani).


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